6 Easy and Inexpensive Home Improvement Tips

A recent online poll indicates 77% of homeowners said they had a list of five or more projects they want to do to spruce up their abode. If you’re like those 77%, you likely have a list of home improvement plans too. Unfortunately, budgetary concerns can often get in the way. Here are some easy and inexpensive home improvement tips to kick your renovations into high gear. Are you ready to make your home the shining star of the block?

1) Enhance Your Main Entrance

First impressions matter. Doing something as simple as getting a new front door or painting your existing front door makes a difference. These changes can make a huge impact on your home’s overall atmosphere and strengthen your curb appeal. Repainting your trim or installing new lighting can give a fresh look and provide a warm welcome to guests.

2) Try New Cabinet Accessories

Adding some modern hardware to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a quick and inexpensive way to get a fresh feel to two of the most used rooms in your home. Be mindful to get knobs and handles that are the same size as the existing hardware so you won’t have to re-drill the current holes.

3) Change Out Your Faucets

A brand new faucet in the bathroom or kitchen can add that extra touch of upgraded design. Another benefit of upgrading your current fixtures is the improved functionality that new faucets have. So, the advantages of this upgrade can be even greater than just an aesthetic lift.

4) When in Doubt…Paint!

There is no quicker or less expensive way to give a room a facelift than to liven it up with a fresh coat of color. Whether you decide to go with a shade similar to the existing hue or pick a drastically different color, this is a one-day project that can truly liven up the complexion of a room quickly. Also, it can make you feel you accomplished a big change with little effort!

5) Add a Fire Pit

Purchasing a self-standing fire pit or installing one in your backyard is fantastic way to revitalize your backyard and enliven family gatherings and get-togethers. The great thing about fire pits is that they can be enjoyed year round. Think of S’mores on a summer night, hot cider on a crisp autumn evening or hot cocoa on a winter afternoon. A fire pit offers heat, beauty and elegance to any outdoor festivities.

6) Add Some Updated Landscaping

Planting a new hedge,some colorful shrubbery or adding some seasonal flowers can really give your home an inviting feel and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or require expert landscapers. Many garden stores have expert horticulturists on staff who are happy to provide planting advice and guidance so you can have an interesting weekend DIY project that will yield impressive results.

The saying “Your home is your castle” might be a cliche, but when you think about it, there are few possessions you’ll have over your lifetime that are as important. Your home provides refuge from the stresses of everyday life and offers one of the most convenient and comfortable staycations around. Your most precious treasures and personal moments happen within its walls, and you and your family spend most of their time there. It’s important to make that time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Fortunately, with a few easy and inexpensive touches, you can make that happen.