Moving with Pets and Children

Let’s be honest: no one enjoys moving.  It’s a stressful time for a variety of reasons, and trying to manage all the components and keep everything organized is a very daunting task. Moving all your belongings and the detritus of everyday living is challenging enough, but when you add children or pets to the mix, it can be very overwhelming.  With a little advance planning and some of these handy tips, you can help to ease the process for everyone. Even more, it can make your upcoming move a more positive experience for everyone.

1)  Keep them Busy Somewhere Else

Without a doubt, the easiest solution is going to be keeping them busy somewhere else. Asking a parent or relative to watch the kids on moving day will put the least amount of stress on you while you manage the moving process. Also, it will give them a fun day to look forward to with excitement. For your fur babies, call some local kennels and find out what their rates are for a daytime stay.  There are also doggy daycare facilities that provide a special moving day program that will give your canine friend a fun-filled day of activities while you’re busy making their new home cozy.

2) Enlist Help

If you must keep kids and pets with you during moving day, ask a friend or relative to be the kid or pet “wrangler” for the day.  They can focus on keeping your children busy and having fun with other activities on the moving day while you roll up your sleeves and get to work.  If they’re watching your pets, ask them to take your dog for a walk so he can get to know his new area, or have them set up your cats’ new digs. Ask them to ensure your pets are fed, comfortable, and in a safe area of the new home.

3) Make a Kid Survival Kit

If you don’t have someone around to occupy your children on moving day, plan ahead and put together a bag of toys, games, books, electronics and the like for your kids to keep them busy.  Then, designate a room in your new home that is the day’s “kid zone”. Here your kids can set up their goodies and freely enjoy playtime. In addtion, have a tv, laptop or tablet in the room so that kids can enjoy a movie while you’re busy. Also, make sure you have lots of kid-friendly treats available in the room for snacks throughout the day.  If pets are your concern, you can do the same.

4) Secure Your Pets

Two things you don’t want to deal with on moving day: chasing your unleashed dog down the street or trying to coax your kitty from under the porch.  Moving can be just as stressful for your pet as it can for you. It will take them time to get acclimated to their new environment. A good way to solve both issues is to find a safe room in your new abode to help them get accustomed to their new digs on a small level first. Secure them in the safe room and leave water, litter boxes, toys, and whatever else they might need out and available for them. Make sure you put a sign on the door warning anyone who might open it that there are pets behind it and asking them to leave it shut.