Tips for Moving in the Summer

Ask any real estate expert and they will tell you that summer is by far the most popular time to move into a new home. While summer weather is obviously the most ideal time of year to take on the challenges of relocating, intense heat, humidity and the potential for severe weather presents its own set of possible challenges that a new home-owner must be prepared to take on. Here are some tips to help make your upcoming summer move a breeze.

1) Plan Ahead!

With summer being the most popular time to move, it’s very important to plan as far ahead as possible to ensure you have the best services available for your move. Summer is obviously the busiest time for moving companies, and their schedules fill up very quickly, and with the demand on their services, don’t expect to find many deals on or flexibility with their prices if you contact them at the last minute.

The better option is to try to book a date at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your move, and keep an eye out for deals and coupons offered in the spring for booking ahead. Additionally, since most moving companies charge by the hour, being as efficient as possible will benefit you. Start packing up and labeling your belongings well in advance of moving day, and have as much as you can ready to go for the movers.

2) Do Your Research

Don’t make the mistake of only looking into a couple of the bigger name companies and trusting them to give you the best price or even best service. Talk to many different companies, ask them what their best price offerings are – not just an estimate,- and take a look at their customer ratings on websites like Yelp!, Google My Business and Angie’s List. Put together a list for yourself of the places that give you the best prices and have the best online reviews before booking. A little extra effort ahead of time will help ensure a smoother moving day for everyone.

3) Pick the Best Days

The first/end of the month and weekends are when most people try to plan their move, and consequently, the demand for moving companies’ services during these times means premium rates for you. If it’s at all possible for you to plan your move on a weekday, you’ll find much better prices and more flexibility with crew’s stop and start times.

4) Stay on Top of the Weather

Summer is the most popular season to move because of the weather, but even summer can be prone to excessive heat or severe storms. Starting your move as early in the morning as possible will help you stay ahead of intense heat, and trying to complete your move prior to 5pm (the hour most common for severe weather to hit) can aid you in having some control over the elements.

5) Beat the Heat

Make sure you have plenty of cold water and other drinks on hand for you and your movers to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sticking with water or clear beverages is best. Save any alcoholic beverages for after the move is done, as alcohol can easily dehydrate you in the heat. Offer a small table of healthy, non-perishable snacks at both your former residence and new home for your moving team so they can stay nourished and powered-up during the long day (fruit, muffins, granola bars and beef jerky are all great options).

Even more, offer a cool room at both locations. Provide a room that has an air conditioner on and/or fans so people can retreat for a few minutes and cool off when the heat has gotten to be a bit too much. And providing sunscreen your moving crew can use is a nice extra you can offer. Little extra perks like this will make you a favorite of your crew, making them want to work harder for you (and be extra mindful of those boxes marked fragile, too!)

6) Be Mindful of Your Stuff

Certain types of belongings like candles, CD’s, old records, beauty products and foods won’t do well being stored in the back of a hot, un air-conditioned moving truck for hours. Packing items like these separately and taking them in your car rather than the moving fan will prevent and mishap from happening, and ensure your items stay in good, usable condition.

With a little care, a positive attitude and some careful pre-planning, moving in the summer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you’re just starting to look at the possibility of putting your home on the market this summer, give us a call at (612) 353-1004 or send us a message HERE. We are happy to help you get started and point you in the right direction!